Bespoke Special Orders

Suitable for every budget and in line with your needs

Just like Optimo Group in Winterthur, you can impress with a decorative tin of a very special kind. Print our Gottlieber “Brunch Package” presented in a beautiful wooden case featuring your company logo. Alternatively, enhance one of our existing gift collections with customised sleeves or choose your favourite products from our diverse range to be the contents of your gift. We’ll be happy to help you put together a bespoke gift for your clients within any budget.

Decorative tin with custom-selected filling

For instance, filled to the brim with Gottlieber «chocolate specialities» like tartufi and chocolate-covered almonds or exquisite Gottlieber «tea specialities». We will be pleased to help you put your custom tin together.

Gottlieber wooden case with printed logo

Available for example as a Gottlieber «Brunch Pack». Custom fillings are also available.





We will be glad to advise you and come up with a custom offer for you.

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