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NEW: Rolf Knie decorative art tin «tiger» - limited edition!

The “Tiger” is the fourth limited and individually numbered edition of the Rolf Knie artist collection box. For the first time, the artist’s subject is enhanced by a beautiful high quality embossing and thus almost brings the three proud tigers to life. The lovingly-embossed «tiger» decorative art tin from Rolf Knie, filled with a classic mix of 28 of the finest Gottlieber Hüppen (vanilla, caramel, almond).

Part of the proceeds from every Rolf Knie decorative art tin goes to the Lebensfreude Foundation. This foundation works across Switzerland to encourage a zest for life in people suffering from dementia or who are ill, aged or otherwise physically or mentally disabled, by means of cheerful and caring visits by trained artists. Asked about the regular visits, one home manager said: “The sensitive Lebensfreude clowns are like a full tank of cheerfulness.”

Every decorative art tin is individually numbered and the entire run is limited.

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