Spread «Morning Delight»

Gottlieber «Morning Delight»
The new spread with a certain je ne sais quoi! The beloved praliné filling forms the basis of the creamy “premium” spread, made by hand with crispy bits of wafer rolls and a hint of Swiss Sel des Alpes.

«Morning Delight» mini

Homemade spread
CHF 9.70

«Morning Delight»

Homemade spread
CHF 15.70

Gift set «Taschenleerer I»

Taschenleerer & Cocoa Almonds & Spread «Morning Delight»
CHF 69.90

Sinful Duo gift collection

Featuring Morning Delight
CHF 24.90

«Gottlieber Brunch Bundle»

Featuring «Morning delight»
CHF 49.90

Gourmet I wooden case collection

Featuring «Morning Delight»
CHF 64.90

Gourmet II wooden case collection

Featuring roasted cacao almonds
CHF 67.90

Gourmet III wooden case collection

Featuring Gianduja-Orange 10 pieces
CHF 59.90