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Whisky-Wine Tempranillo
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The traditional assortment (vegan and palm oil free) accompanied by a Spanish 2019 Whisky-Wine Tempranillo aged 18 months in Whisky barrels IGP Castilla y Leon.

Javier Rodriguez is one of Spain’s most gifted winemakers and he is the inventor of whisky wine, a unique wine that is matured in used whiskey barrels. The fifth vintage of whisky wine shows its best side in the bouquet. It is very fragrant and amenable, with intense notes of ripe black fruit, spices, chocolate and a hint of smokiness. Incredibly aromatic on the palate with the finest, velvety tannins, and a generous abundance of black cherry fruit, it is underscored with a typical cherry note. The aromas from the whisky barrel add an extra dimension to the wine. Drinking temperature: 16-18 degrees.

For many years now, our traditional mix in red, green and blue has been popular with young and old alike and is by far Gottlieber's top-seller. The melt-in-your-mouth praline filling is made from roasted hazelnuts and premium cocoa paste. It's also the basis of the mocha filling which is then refined with the finest arabica coffee. Our gianduja filling will enchant you with its delightful taste of roasted hazelnuts, while enticing you with a coating of organic dark chocolate. Since January 2023, our fillings are even vegan and palm oil free.

Our Hüppen are a perfect companion to a fine glass of whisky-wine.

Praline, mocha, gianduja
20 wafer rolls, 300 g
1 Rodriguez Sanzo 2019 Whisky-Wine Tempranillo aged 18 months in Whisky barrels IGP Castilla y Leon, 75 cl.
365 x 380 x 98 mm