New Products

New products from Gottlieber
CHF 49.90

Etter Liqueur Spring wooden case collection

With Gottlieber cherry blossom tin
CHF 54.90

«Etter Rum» Treasure Box

In a unique gift box
CHF 115.90

Herz-Säckli «Himbeere»

Himbeer Hüppen (10 Stück)
CHF 9.95

Sinful Duo gift collection

Featuring Morning Delight
CHF 24.90
CHF 17.80
CHF 8.90

Gift box classic

Vanilla, caramel, almond
CHF 11.90

Gift box tradition

Praline, mocha, gianduja
CHF 11.90

Gift vouchers

For the Gottlieber online shop and Sweets & Coffee locations

Gift set «Taschenleerer II»

Black Special Grand Cru, 22 Mini-Hüppen, 95 g
Taschenleerer 0714 in schwarz aus Kalbleder
CHF 64.90

Gift set «Taschenleerer I»

Taschenleerer & Cocoa Almonds & Spread «Morning Delight»
CHF 69.90
CHF 89.90

Gift set «Hotelcard»

Hotelcard voucher & Gottlieber Hüppen "Swissline"
CHF 104.00