«Teatime» Treasure Box

In a unique gift box
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VAT included
Shipping Switzerland/Liechtenstein

Flavoured fruit tea made from apple, hibiscus, orange & peach and white tea with red pepper pearls: The «Teatime» treasure box combines our two popular Gottlieber teas «Fruit Revolution» and «Miraculous Wellbeing Tea». There is a black Gottlieber cup and tea ball to go with it for perfect preparation. All carefully arranged in our lovely treasure box.

Miraculous Wellbeing Tea: The leaves and buds of the elegant white tea are freshly picked and exposed first to the sun and then to the cool shade. The red berries and pepper pearls make the silver leaves of this variety truly shine twice as bright. Delicate, timeless and slightly spicy.

Fruit Revolution: The juicy peach bits and a hint of vanilla make this blend outstanding. Naturally rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants – with no theine and caffeine.

The «Teatime» treasure box is packaged in an elegant black and white folding box made of rigid cardboard with a magnetic closure (reusable).

For relaxation-filled moments!

Amaretto, cappuccino, irish cream, black special grand cru
Fruit tea «Fruit Revolution», 100g

White tea «Miraculous Wellbeing Tea», 50g

Gottlieber Cup and tea ball
210 x 297 x 105mm