Treasure Box No 6

In a unique gift box - available from 04/03/21
CHF 46.90
CHF 39.85
VAT included

All good things come in threes. Our "LITTLE EASTER TREATS" treasure box will win you over at first sight with three sweet Easter bunnies. This treasure box not only contains our beloved chocolate bunny "Lucky", crafted from the finest Swiss milk chocolate, but you'll also enjoy our popular Mini Hüppen from the traditional and classic mixes, all wrapped up in a sweet Easter design. But watch out: choose your Easter hiding place with care. It would be a shame if no one found the treasure box.

The "LITTLE EASTER TREATS" treasure box is packaged in an elegant, black and white folding box made of rigid cardboard with a magnetic closure (reusable).

Tradition Mini (Mischung aus Praliné, Mocca, Gianduja), 150 g
ca. 37 Mini-Hüppen

Classic Mini (Mischung aus Vanille, Caramel, Mandel), 150 g
ca. 37 Mini-Hüppen

Cacaomandeln im Säckli, 180 g

Elegante Klappbox aus festem Karton im schwarz-weissen Streifendesign mit Magnetverschluss (wiederverwendbar)
210 x 297 x 105mm