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Unique Gottlieber wafer rolls and selected wines - a combination that promises unforgettable moments of enjoyment! Select your favourite from our elegant range of gifts and give someone pleasure.

Advent calendar - limited edition

orderable from 30.09.21 / pre-orders on
CHF 129.90

Sinful Duo gift collection

Featuring Morning Delight
CHF 24.90
CHF 49.90
CHF 75.80
Gottlieber Schatzkistli Packshot 01
15% Discount

Treasure Box No 1

In a unique gift box
CHF 46.90
CHF 39.85

Treasure Box No 2

In a unique gift box
CHF 59.90

Treasure Box No 3

In a unique gift box
CHF 73.90

Treasure Box No 4

In a unique gift box
CHF 85.90

Treasure Box No 5

In a unique gift box
CHF 108.90
CHF 35.90

Goba Orange gift collection

Bitter orange liqueur
CHF 39.90
CHF 87.90
CHF 78.80
CHF 78.00
CHF 62.50
CHF 62.50

Thurgau gift collection

Bonaparte wine
CHF 59.80
CHF 114.80
CHF 158.80
CHF 68.00
CHF 85.00

Goba «Löckler» gift collection

Hazelnuts and liqueur
CHF 45.90

Macardo Whisky gift collection

Black Special Grand Cru and Single Malt
CHF 124.50