Goba «Löckler» gift collection

Hazelnuts and liqueur
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Gottlieber’s Goba “Löckler” gift collection with the finest hazelnuts, lovingly enrobed with white chocolate and Löckler liqueur, produced by Goba Mineral Springs in Appenzell.

Löckler refers to the call of the herdsmen. The liqueur tastes of white chocolate and hazelnut and is refined with goat’s milk. The goat’s milk flavour remains unobtrusive in the background and is only detected by very sensitive palates.

This liqueur bears the ProSpeciaRara quality seal: The ProSpeciaRara Foundation is dedicated to the endangered diversity of farm animals and arable crops. The elegant white goats which for generations have led the Alp descent and ascent in the Appenzell region are known throughout Switzerland. The use of Appenzell goat’s milk offers the owners of this endangered farm animal race crucial economic perspectives.

A high-quality base liqueur is used as an emulsion for the white liqueur. This is indispensable since emulsions can separate over time. This also attests to the naturalness of the ingredients. The liqueur can be restored to its original condition by shaking before use. Goba “Löckler” won a gold medal at the Swiss Spirits Awards.

The Goba Mineral Spring and Factory is amongst the smallest independent mineral water producers in Switzerland. First-rate natural products are produced in the Appenzell region – refreshing thirst-quenchers, bitter spirits, refined liqueurs and all sorts of products made of regional herbs. The joy of dreaming up new recipes, which started with Gabriela Manser’s grandparents herd continues to bear fruit at the Goba Factory.

Vanilla, caramel, almond
Hazelnuts with white chocolat, 200 g
1 Goba «Löckler», 25 cl
220 x 210 x 90 mm