Macardo Whisky gift collection

Black Special Grand Cru and Single Malt
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For extraordinarily delicious moments! The Macardo Whisky gift collection is a combination of Gottlieber Premium Hüppen Black Special Grand Cru and a bottle of Opening Edition 1904 single malt whisky (42% alcohol by vol., 70 cl) from the Macardo Swiss Distillery. Two quality products from the canton of Thurgau that could not complement each other any better.

Opening Edition 1904 Single Malt Whisky: Single malt whisky limited to 1904 bottles, produced for the opening of the “World of Macardo” in Strohwilen TG in November 2020. A unique single malt whisky for an extraordinary occasion. Further distilled with dedication from the finest local barley, fermented with selected special hops, ripened in exquisite, specifically selected, coated Armagnac, sherry and port barrels. A Swiss premium whisky, pleasant to drink and an ideal companion to a fine cigar and the finest Gottlieber Grand Cru Hüppen.

Black Special Grand Cru
8 wafer rolls, 120 g
1 Whisky Macardo Opening Edition 1904 Single Malt, Italy, 42 % Vol., 70 cl
365 x 380 x 98 mm