«Gin» Treasure Box

In a unique gift box
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Shipping Switzerland/Liechtenstein

Ten of our finest Gottlieber Hüppen from the traditional mix (praline, mocha, gianduja) in a decorative «Switzerland» tin and a traditional London Dry gin from Appenzeller Edelbrand Distillery combined in a lovely treasure box.

Edelbrand lovingly hand distils their London Dry gin in their little factory at the foot of the Säntis in Urnäsch. Its original and unadulterated taste takes one back to the start of gin’s history. A classic gin in its natural and authentic form, with the highest quality. The maceration process and exceptional number of botanicals make the percentage of essential oils very high, and its taste is unmistakeable. Edelbrand calls it «Ur Gin».

The Gottlieber «Gin» treasure box is packaged in an elegant black and white folding box made of rigid cardboard with a magnetic closure (reusable).

Amaretto, cappuccino, irish cream, black special grand cru
«Switzerland» tin, tradition, 150g
UrGin London Dry (Appenzeller Edelbrand), 42% Vol., 50cl
210 x 297 x 105mm