Wooden Case Collections

Varied gift selections
The original wooden cases combine Gottlieber delights, such as tea, coffee or wafer rolls, some of which being accompanied by choice specialities from regional partners. The wooden cases are produced with love in a sheltered workshop located in our region.

Royal Edition wooden case collection

Featuring wafer rolls in 4 different flavors
CHF 199.00

gift set chocolate fondue

Featuring unfilled Gottlieber Hüppen
CHF 72.00

«Gottlieber Brunch Bundle»

Featuring «Morning delight»
CHF 49.90
CHF 39.90
CHF 45.50
CHF 52.50

Gourmet I wooden case collection

Featuring «Morning Delight»
CHF 68.00

Gourmet II wooden case collection

Featuring roasted cacao almonds
CHF 69.90

Mumm Champagner wooden case collection

Decorative tin 90-year jubilee
CHF 62.90

Mothers Day gift set

Gottlieber Holzkistli
CHF 49.90

Easter Brunch gift set

Featuring «Morning delight»
CHF 49.90