Whisky I wooden case collection

Macardo Single Malt
CHF 54.90
VAT included

The wooden presentation case from Gottlieber features fabulous gianduja-orange wafer rolls (special edition) and a fine Macardo Swiss Premium Whisky, single malt (42 % vol., 10 cl).

This unique Swiss single malt comes from “good old Switzerland”, or more precisely from Strohwilen in Thurgau. In 2007, the premium distillery Macardo GmbH opened its doors. It began producing whisky, grape marc and fine brandies in a cheese factory that had fallen out of use. Today, the premium distillery with its state-of-the-art equipment is one of the jewels on the distilling scene.

Macardo Swiss Premium Whisky, single malt:
A brilliant copper hue. Notes of sugar cane, ripe fruit, dried lemon peel, vanilla and caramel. A hint of spices and dried grapes underscores the sweet, juicy taste. Everything is wonderfully complex and fruity as well as slightly woody and smoky. Subtle roasting notes give it a characteristic rustic effect. Its long finish is spicy, featuring roasted aromas and an elegant sweetness in the background – it truly is many-faceted and has an intense taste.

10 wafer rolls, 150 g
1 Macardo whisky single malt, 42% Vol., 10 cl
220 x 300 x 110 mm