«Happy Holidays» gift set

with «Win for Life» lottery ticket and 2020 motorway sticker, delivery from 01.12.19
CHF 79.90

Delivery from 01.12.19.

The «Happy Holidays» gift set makes three good wishes come true at once: Happiness, enjoyment and a good journey! Our new combination contains as a symbol a «Win for Life» lottery ticket, a Gottlieber Winter trinket box – for enjoyable moments – and the 2020 Swiss motorway sticker for a good journey. The perfect gift for the start of the year.

With a little luck, the gift recipient can win the «Win for Life» jackpot: 4 000 Swiss francs every month, for 20 years. Take that long-awaited journey, invest in your hobby or simply live a more carefree life? The game instructions and the prize plan can be found in the game rules from Swisslos.

Vanilla, caramel, almond
10 wafer rolls, 150 g
1 "Win for Life"
1 Swiss motorway vignette 2020
430 x 225 x 50 mm