Premium Line

The exclusive treat
Discover our tempting premium creations made from select ingredients using the very best primary products (some of which being of certified organic quality), such as the prestigious Grand Cru Cacao Nacional Ecuador. Gottlieber’s unique wafer rolls from the Premium Line are presented in sophisticated, hand-crafted packaging (award winner of the design category in the renown European Carton Excellence Award Award (ECEA) and the Swiss Star 2010). A visual and gustatory experience par excellence.

Premium wooden case collection

Featuring the Gottlieber premium line
CHF 199.00

Amaretto, Irish Cream

assorted premium pack
CHF 14.90

Chocolait, Cappuccino, Noix de Coco

assorted premium pack
CHF 14.50

Noix de Coco

Premium Coconut
CHF 14.90

Noix de Coco Mini

Premium Coconut Mini
CHF 12.50
CHF 17.50
CHF 14.50

Gift set «hot chocolate»

book & premium wafer rolls chocolait, cappuccino, coconut
CHF 34.40

Indulgence set premium deluxe

with wellness voucher 99.-
CHF 113.90

Indulgence set premium small

with wellness voucher 55.-
CHF 69.90