Chocolait, Cappuccino, Noix de Coco

assorted premium pack
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An exclusive indulgence that pampers you with the combination of three Hüppen wafer roll versions – Chocolait, Cappuccino and Noix de Coco.

The fine milk chocolate filling is a blend of milk powder, organic and fair trade cocoa solids, and organic and fair trade couverture.

Roasted fair trade arabica coffee and finest cocoa powder lend the delicious cappuccino filling the taste of chocolate and freshly brewed coffee. The obligatory cappuccino milk froth is added in the form of organic milk powder for a beautiful light colour.

For the third premium variety in this collection, the three components of organic coconut cream, organic coconut oil and coconut milk powder impart the exotic taste of coconut that transports you to far-off lands. Individually rolled and filled, every wafer roll is a small masterpiece to be enjoyed.

Chocolait, cappuccino, coconut
8 wafer rolls, 120 g
170 x 172 x 26 mm