Etter Liqueur Spring wooden case collection

With Gottlieber cherry blossom tin
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Gottlieber wooden case presentation with a cherry blossom tin, filled with 10 of our finest Hüppen (5 coconut and 5 raspberry) and a fresh, fruity cherry Etter liqueur (15% vol., 35 cl).

Whether you enjoy it as an aperitif or a digestif, or straight in a chilled, tulip-shaped glass, on the rocks, as a kir, a long drink or to top off a sorbet: There are a 1001 ways and occasions to conjure up more enjoyment in life with Etter New Generation fruit brandy liqueur.

Men love them. And women: that goes without saying.

"Etter New Generation fruit brandy liqueurs" lend freshness and cheer to any occasion. They delight men and women connoisseurs alike, young or old, with their intense fruit flavour and mellow sweetness.
The 100% natural New Generation fruit brandy liqueurs are unparalleled in their quality and refined composition and compliment any home bar with an irresistible and versatile drink. The alluring marriage of real Etter fruit brandy with naturally fruity liqueur promises a uniquely light and palatable taste experience.

Enjoy cool!

Vanilla, caramel, almond
Coconut and raspberry, 5 of each (10 total), 150 g
1 cherry Etter liqueur 15% vol, 35 cl
220 x 300 x 110 mm