Little heart-bag «Praliné»

Praliné-Hüppen (10 Stück)
CHF 10.50
VAT included
Shipping Switzerland/Liechtenstein

A wonderfully sweet surprise for people who are close to your heart: the popular praline bun in a romantic heart-shaped bag.

In terms of taste, the most popular wafer roll filling to date, praliné, is a delight as a rather light filling with roasted hazelnuts and a little cocoa mass (organic & fair trade).
Since January 2023, the filling has even been vegan and palm oil-free.

Visually, the sweet heart-banderole speaks for itself. Due to its size, the manufactory bag is an ideal gift

Praliné, Mocca Gianduja
10 wafer rolls
185 x 70 x 40 mm