Goldwater wooden case collection

CHF 48.10
VAT included

Wooden presentation case containing our premium assortment (amaretto, cappuccino, irish cream) accompanied by a bottle of Goba goldwater liqueur with real gold flakes. This is a clear aniseed liqueur made from an old recipe. The leaves in the aniseed liqueur are said to bring the old sage happiness and prosperity.

The Goba mineral spring and manufactory is one of the smallest independent mineral water producers in Switzerland. Situated in picturesque Appenzell, it manufactures premium natural products – refreshing thirst quenchers, aromatic bitters, fine liqueurs and a wide range of products from local herbs. The joy of creating new recipes, a family tradition begun by Gabriela Manser's grandparents in their home kitchen, is now bearing fruit in the Goba manufactory.

10 premium wafer rolls, 150 g
1 goldwater No. 5, 25cl
220 x 300 x 110 mm