«Muntermacher» – Premium coffee beans with espresso roasting

Organic & fair trade in a stylish black & white striped bag
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Shipping Switzerland/Liechtenstein

With our delicious Gottlieber organic & fair trade premium gourmet coffee mixture (beans) every espresso tastes like it was made by a barista. With every sip you can enjoy nuances of toast and dark chocolate. From the first moment you will notice on the palate spicy aromas. The high-quality Central and South American Arabica and the Indian Robusta beans have a low acidity and a medium to dark roasting level. The «Muntermacher» is specially refined and mixed for Gottlieber Spezialitäten AG in the traditional drum roasting process in St. Gallen.

40% Honduras SHG from the Marcala region, Honduras; Producer: La Paz
30% Peru SHB Grade 1 from the Junin region, Peru; Producer: Cooperativa Villa Ecologica
20% Colombia Excelso from the Tolima Ibagué region, Colombia; Producer: Cooperativa ANEI
10% India Cherry AA from the Kottayam region, India; Producer: Manarcadu Social Service Society

Fill quantity: 1000 g
13.5 x 23 x 7.5 mm