Wonderful flavours
Theodore Roosevelt maintained: «My experience...convinced me that tea was better than brandy, and during the last six months in Africa I took no brandy, even when sick taking tea instead.» True to this principle, we have ventured into new territory and launched our first tea collection with high-quality chai, fruit, green and white teas. It's not only the original names of «Heartwarmer», «Fruit Revolution», «Buddha's Darling» and «Miraculous Wellbeing Tea», but also the sensational, oriental design which will take tea connoisseurs off to a distant land for a moment or two.


Chai tea
CHF 25.90

Fruit Revolution

Fruit tea
CHF 17.60

Buddha’s Darling

Green tea
CHF 17.60
CHF 15.50

Strawberry Kiss

Rooibos tea
CHF 17.60

Tea-Duo I

Fruit tea & white tea with tea infuser
CHF 36.90

Tea Trio Mini

Green, fruit tea & white tea with tea infuser
CHF 34.90
CHF 8.90
CHF 9.90
CHF 9.90

gift set «good morning»

For the perfect start to the day!
CHF 66.70

«Gottlieber Brunch Bundle»

Featuring «Morning delight»
CHF 49.90

Gourmet I wooden case collection

Featuring «Morning Delight»
CHF 68.00

Gourmet II wooden case collection

Featuring roasted cacao almonds
CHF 69.90

Gourmet III wooden case collection

Featuring Gianduja-Orange 10 pieces
CHF 62.90

Weekly Calendar «Luck»

filled with 7 Gottlieber surprises
CHF 64.90

Weekly Calendar «Love»

filled with 7 Gottlieber surprises
CHF 64.90

«Teatime» Treasure Box

In a unique gift box
CHF 64.50