Wine & Spirits

Fine beverages from select partners
As a fitting complement to the Gottlieber range of delights, these fine wines, high-quality spirits and unique alcohol-free creations from select partners complete the experience of our wafer rolls and chocolate specialities.
CHF 32.90

Tröpfel der Zweite

non-alcoholic sparkling wine
CHF 14.70

Whisky-Wine Tempranillo

Aged 18 months in Whisky barrels
CHF 33.90
CHF 19.90

Amarone Colonna Ducale

From 100% dried grapes
CHF 39.90

CANTICA Primitivo

A work of two artists
CHF 29.50

Dieter Meier «Puro»

Corte d'Oro
CHF 33.90

Goba Ewigi Liebi syrup

Raspberry juice with lavender flowers
CHF 13.00

Goba Löckler Liquer

with white chocolate and hazelnuts
CHF 21.00

Goba Bitter Orange Liqueur

refined with cognac
CHF 19.00

Etter Rum

seven years matured
CHF 69.50

UrGin London Dry

Appenzeller Edelbrand
CHF 55.00
CHF 98.50