Enjoyment and product philosophy

Highest-quality enjoyment with a clear conscience

We are committed to the responsible use of our earth’s limited resources. That’s why we endeavour to ensure that our carefully-selected raw materials and packaging do not travel unnecessary distances and we source them directly from regional suppliers who are personally known to us.

  • Free trade cocoa and coffee
  • No artificial colourings, without preservatives
  • Fats from sustainable production
  • No synthetic flavours
  • No genetically modified ingredients
  • We source printed material and packaging - where possible - from Switzerland

In order to improve our products on an ongoing basis, we are committed to using high-quality, certified, organically cultivated ingredients and certified Fair Trade raw materials (cacao & coffee). Our fats are RSPO-SG certified and we exclusively use organic free range eggs. Thanks to FAIR POWER we also power our operations from renewable Swiss sources. With act, we are working to maximize energy savings in our daily operations.  

Our facility is FSSC 22000 (Food Safety System Certification) certified and our products are always inspected according to strict standards of quality (according to the HACCP principle).

Gottlieber Brand Values

Longstanding Tradition

Gottlieber Spezialitäten AG is an independent owner-managed manufacturing company. Since 1928, it has developed, produced and marketed its unique top-quality filled wafer rolls known as Gottlieber Hüppen, employing both passion and specialist knowledge to maintain the traditions of Swiss artisanal confectionery.

Swiss Craft

The lovingly-crafted filled wafer rolls are unique to Switzerland. They are individually baked, rolled and filled to a traditional recipe, using machinery and methods developed by the company itself. The company‘s artisanal origins are also reflected in the fillings created and produced in-house from finest Swiss chocolate and melt-in-the-mouth gourmet creams.

Highest Quality

The premium claim of Gottlieber Spezialitäten AG is manifested in careful selection of the finest ingredients, the exclusive artisanal manufacturing process, a quality assurance system which meets the most exacting requirements, and end products of uncompromising quality. As the result of its constant striving for perfection, the long-established company provides outstanding customer care and high-quality services.

Exclusive Delicacies

The unique combination of light, crisp, individually baked wafer rolls and delicious fillings of finest Swiss chocolate combined with melt-in-the-mouth gourmet creams produces exclusive delicacies. Early recognition of market opportunities, regular dialogue with customers and consumers, expertise in confectionery built up over many years, and considerable innovation and persistence, have resulted in a wide selection of Gottlieber wafer rolls, each offering its own individual and unusual taste experience.