Sweets & Coffee in Regensdorf

In Orell Füssli with outer area

Our Gottlieber Sweets & Coffee in the Regensdorf shopping centre makes for a cosy meeting point. It has 58 seats, 16 of which are found inside the Orell Füssli bookshop, while the rest are outside in the reading lounge. The fireplace and bookshelves in the outer area make for a relaxed, lounge-like atmosphere. Take a break during or after your shopping trip, kick back in the cosy atmosphere and browse your favourite books.

You can enjoy breakfast, waffles with a wide range of ingredients and various indulgences. You can also spoil yourself with exquisite coffee and tea creations. And, of course, we also offer chilled drinks as well as beer, prosecco and other merry beverages.

You can shop for all Gottlieber wafer rolls and other chocolate specialities like tartufi, cocoa almonds, hazelnuts, chocolate truffles and the enticing “Morning Delight” spread at your leisure from the integrated Gottlieber shop.

We look forward to your visit!

Yours, Ramona Frischknecht

Manager at Gottlieber Sweets & Coffee in Regensdorf

Give away wonderful moments of pleasure with a gift voucher for our Gottlieber Sweets & Coffee in Regensdorf! The voucher in credit cart format, packaged in a premium gift envelope that to which a personal dedication can be added, is available in the café. Or choose the print@home option.

Opening Hours

Monday - Saturday 09:00 - 20:00


On all holidays in Regensdorf Closed

Gottlieber Sweets & Coffee

im Orell Füssli
Zentrum Regensdorf
Zentrum 1
8105 Regensdorf

+41 79 828 61 86
(short-term reservations less than 2 days in advance please by phone)


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