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What is the Gottlieber Sweets & Coffee®?

The Gottlieber Sweets & Coffee® is a Gottlieber flagship store combined with a stylish grand café atmosphere and classical elements. Great attention is paid to the décor and the exclusive selection of premium products in the chocolate/sweets shop. The concept also places emphasis on trained employees who commit to serving guests with a passion in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere surrounding.

For preliminary information we invite you to read our flyer.

The Gottlieber Sweets & Coffee® is based on the following factors for success:

  • Gottlieber products
  • Heritage, Brand & Swiss Tradition
  • Atmosphere & Enjoyment
  • Human aspect

For further details, please contact:

Gottlieber Spezialitäten AG

Espenstrasse 6
CH-8274 Gottlieben

+41 71 666 60 70

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