Tours & Workshop

Get to know our factory in Gottlieben

In our guided tours and chocolate workshops for groups, you can learn more about the production of our popular wafer rolls and chocolate specialties. Whether booked individually or combined, you can take an exclusive look into our company. Rounded off with a delicious visit to our lakeside café and factory store, this becomes a pleasurable and exciting outing. We look forward to your visit!

Guided tours

Our tour guides will lead groups of 10 to a maximum of 40 people through our small but fine factory, showing you step by step how our specialties are crafted.

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«Idea Factory» for Workshops and Meetings

Book the «Idea Factory» creative space at our Gottlieben headquarters for your workshop, management meeting or creative breakout session, combined with a guided tour of the Gottlieber factory.

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Chocolate Workshop (for groups)

In the Chocolate Workshop at our factory, you will learn exciting facts about cocoa and, under the guidance of specialists, create delicious chocolate creations.

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