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For many chocolate and specialty lovers, Gottlieber wafer rolls and Gottlieber chocolate specialities are considered the finest delicacies. They are part of Switzerland's culinary heritage. The unique baking process makes Gottlieber wafer rolls one-of-a-kind and especially crispy. With a close connection to our own history, a passion for Swiss craftsmanship, a high quality standard, and responsible and innovative management, our Gottlieber factory continues to be successful today.


In the village of Gottlieben in the canton of Thurgau (founded in 1251),  wafer rolls have been known and loved for a long time. The secret of the art of wafer rolls baking has been kept and passed down through generations in Gottlieben. In 1928, Elisabeth Wegeli, the founder of Gottlieber Spezialitäten AG, was introduced to the art of wafer rolls baking by her neighbor in Gottlieben. This was the beginning of the Swiss traditional company Gottlieber Spezialitäten AG and the Gottlieber wafer rolls as a product.

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Swiss Handicraft

Tradition for over 90 years

After all this time, the Gottlieber wafer roll factory still individually bakes the delicate crêpes to be no thicker than 0.7 mm and rolls them up as carefully and painstakingly as a premium Havana cigar. The unique combination of subtle, individually baked, crispy wafer rolls and the finest fillings made from the best Swiss chocolate and melt-in-the-mouth gourmet creams makes for exclusive taste experiences.

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We are committed to treating the planet’s limited resources in a responsible manner and take various measures to do our part in ensuring responsible and sustainable growth. Of course, we are not perfect either. But we are working on it, every day.

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Domestic and International Retailers

We have compiled a list of retailers that carry products from the Gottlieber assortment in Switzerland and abroad. The range and depth of assortment may vary. Alternatively, you can purchase our entire product range through the Gottlieber online shop.

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Media about us

Here are some selected media and press clippings about our Gottlieber Manufaktur. We hope you enjoy reading them.

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