Swiss Handicraft

Tradition for 95 years

After all this time, the Gottlieber wafer roll factory still individually bakes the delicate crêpes to be no thicker than 0.7 mm and rolls them up as carefully and painstakingly as a premium Havana cigar. All this is carried out meticulously and precisely, as if by hand. The special baking method is what makes the original Gottlieber wafer rolls unique and especially crispy.

The Gottlieber wafer rolls are then individually filled with melt-in-the-mouth gourmet fillings produced in-house or pure Swiss chocolate and packaged one at a time by hand. All fillings, for which only the best ingredients are good enough, are crafted and produced in Gottlieben, some of which have won gold awards.

The unique combination of subtle, individually baked, crispy wafer rolls and the finest fillings made from the best Swiss chocolate and melt-in-the-mouth gourmet creams makes for exclusive taste experiences. Customers from Switzerland and abroad hold the taste of our gourmet fillings and chocolates in high regard, some of which have been made according to recipes that have been passed down generations, and revere the passionately cultivated tradition as the oldest and most prestigious factory in Switzerland as well as the outstanding quality.

Maintaining top-quality standards

Gottlieber Spezialitäten AG’s claim to premium quality is supported by its careful selection of the finest raw materials, its exclusively artisanal production process, a quality assurance system that satisfies the most stringent demands, and end products of uncompromising quality. In striving for perfection, the long-established company offers its customers professional support and high-quality services.

Recognising opportunities in the market early on, regularly communicating with customers and consumers, our confectionery expertise built up over many years and a strong drive to innovate and act on that innovation form the foundation of a wide range of exclusive Gottlieber wafer rolls for unique, extraordinary taste sensations.