Customer feedback

What corporate customers are saying about Gottlieber

We are thrilled to have many new and long-standing customers who purchase employee gifts, gifts for customers or business partners as well as their own sweets for coffee from our Gottlieber World of Gifts. Thank you for your trust!

Stanko Culanic, Marketing Manager of the Creditreform Egeli companies

Creditreform Egeli companies

Stanko Culanic, Marketing Manager

«We would like to thank our customers for their loyalty and at the same time strengthen customer relations. As an expression of our sincere appreciation, we have worked closely with Gottlieber Spezialitäten AG to create branded packaging, which we send out together with the delicious wafer rolls. Our valued customers are always delighted with these little treats and give us consistently positive feedback. We are delighted that our gestures of appreciation are met with such a positive response.»

Fleurop-Interflora (Schweiz) AG

Fleurop-Interflora (Schweiz) AG

Jörg Beer, CEO

«With a gift set of many delicious Gottlieber specialties, for the end of the year, put together especially for us, we were able to spread happiness among our partner stores. The handling, by the responsible persons of Gottlieber, took place very quickly and uncomplicatedly, despite the relatively short placement of the order. Gladly again at any time.»

Klinik Schloss Mammern

Klinik Schloss Mammern

Beat Oehrli, Direktor

«Giving pleasure brings joy! What better way to do that than with an elegant gift from Gottlieber.»

Ruedi Stocker, Leitung Food & Beverage Hirslanden AG

Hirslanden AG

Ruedi Stocker, Leiter Food & Beverage

"The highest quality standards, being a partner of choice, creating trust and improving quality of life are Hirslanden's visions and values, which apply just as much to Gottlieber. It's nice that we can give our customers an individual treat with the fine Hüppen to go with their coffee."

Ginesta Immobilien, Marketing und Internationale Immobilien

Ginesta Immobilien

Denise Ginesta, Marketing & international objects

«The Gottlieber B2B team advised us competently on the choice of the perfect gift and executed our order reliably and with great commitment. Our customers were thrilled with this special surprise.»

Ramona Mettler, Shopleitung Säntis-Schwebebahn AG

Säntis-Schwebebahn AG

Ramona Mettler, Shop Manager

«We are thrilled with the selection of individual gift items. We were able to work together with the Gottlieber B2B team to design our own decorative tin that really makes a splash with our customers. We are proud to call up memories with our retro image and are looking forward to receiving further expert advice and working together in the future.»

AMAG Automobil und Motoren AG, Leiter Key Account Management Regio Zürich/Ostschweiz

AMAG Automobil und Motoren AG

Pascal Spiegel, Key Account Management Director for the Zurich/Eastern Switzerland region

«The Gottlieber Hüppen were a lovely and delicious Christmas gift for our corporate customers. I am convinced that the elegant decorative tins are still being used in many households as a biscuit tin.»

Jasmine Heutschi, Baloise Insurance

Baloise Insurance

Jasmine Heutschi, Business Economist FH (BSc), Senior Staff Member, Insurance Broker VBV, Sales Promoter, Sales & Marketing

«The Gottlieber gifts were an outstanding hit with our customers. We received more good feedback than ever. Besides the high quality of Gottlieber products, I personally appreciate how long their shelf life is. We would order these products again without hesitation.»

Group CEO, Owner, De Martin AG

De Martin AG

Thomas De Martin, Group CEO, Owner

«Whether it is an Easter surprise for our employees or a little thank-you gift for our customers, Gottlieber is sure to delight the lucky recipients.

We as Gottlieber customers also enjoy the very cordial, competent and reliable advising.»

Christof Reutlinger, Geschäftsführer, Emil Frey Zürich Nord

Emil Frey Zürich Nord

Christof Reutlinger, Managing Director

«We genuinely appreciate Gottlieber Hüppen as a Swiss traditional company. We offer all the customers of our 11 vehicle brands the little Gottlieber Hüppen with coffee every day. Some customers visit us just because of the delicious Hüppen. In 2020, we gave our 120 employees the “Tradition Mini Happy Birthday Edition” as a birthday present. We use the “Rolf Knie decorative art tin” time after time for customer gifts.»

Martin Schneider, Leiter Distributionszone Zürich

Post CH AG

Martin Schneider, Zurich Distribution Regional Manager

«For last year’s senior staff day, which unfortunately could not be held as planned, I gave my senior staff the personalised decorative tins filled with delicious Gottlieber Hüppen. Just like our motto says, they enjoyed the Hüppen with “satisfaction and resolution”. The Gottlieber B2B team’s advice and straightforward support were top-notch, thank you.»

Team Marketing Sika Schweiz AG

Sika Schweiz AG

Team Marketing

«Just sit back for a few minutes and savour the flavour – a Christmas present for our customers that will warm their hearts. A little bit of happiness – that's the box from Gottlieber.»

Christine Müller Schoch Vögtli AG

Zeller Medical AG

Loredana Sammali, Sales Coordinater

«Thanks to the fully personalised flip-top dispenser filled with unique Gottlieber vanilla & praliné Mini-Hüppen, we were able to sweeten the coffee breaks for participants in the Medical Congress. The Gottlieber B2B team offered me exactly the right advice and processed our order reliably and very efficiently. The Hüppen manufacturer impressed me from start to finish!»

Team Marketing Sika Schweiz AG

ISA Sallmann AG

Andreas Sallmann, CEO

«I have been amazed by Gottlieber’s flexibility and individual service for years. And our clients always love the sweet little treats that they produce.»

Nils Planzer, Planzer Transport AG

Planzer Transport AG

Nils Planzer, CEO

«I love the quality of the Gottlieber’s products and service; and our clients love the wonderful, individually-created decorative boxes filled with Gottlieber Hüppen that they received last Christmas.»

Susanne Danioth, Das Zelt AG

Das Zelt AG

Susanne Danioth, Head of Sales & Events

«Hüpp, hüpp, hurrah! The gifts from Gottlieber give the guests of Das Zelt even more enjoyable moments. And we like it that way.»

Evelyne Blum, Optimo Group

Optimo Group

Evelyne Blum, Marketing & Kommunikation

«The perfect tailor-made mix of tradition, modernity and quality! Just our style – therefore these sweet, tasty thank-yous to all of our customers and employees suited us perfectly. We have no hesitation in recommending Gottlieber to others, and in particular the very personal, extremely knowledgeable advice they gave us.»

Christine Müller Schoch Vögtli AG

New Business Schoch Vögtli AG

Christine Müller, Marketing

«The fine praliné cream from Gottlieber, fully personalised – our customers really loved the "Schoch Vögtli" Morning Delight spread. Makes it easy – true to our company slogan, the Gottlieber team delivered outstanding service from A to Z.»

Evelyne Blum, Optimo Group

Daniel Micheletto, Responsible for marketing

«At Easter, we like to send our customers a spring greeting. This year again with a beautiful and individually designed jewelry box with Gottlieber Hüppen. Our customers and we are very satisfied with the quality of the products and the personal service of the Hüppenmanufaktur. This makes gift-giving twice as much fun for us.»